Stay Classy, DC: Will Ferrell Pop-Up Hits H Street

June 3, 2017/in Eat/Drink /by On Tap staff

Need more cowbell? Head to Mythology in the H Street Corridor this summer for a pop-up celebrating all things Will Ferrell, from drink and food menus inspired by his best lines (Smelly Pirate Hooker and You’re My Boy, Blue are just a few of the cocktails offered) to an Instagram-worthy Anchorman newsroom set. We caught up with owner Todd Luongo about his restaurant’s transformation. He’s kind of a big deal.

On Tap: What inspired you to transform Mythology into a Will Ferrell pop-up?
Todd Luongo: There’s just so much pure absurdity, hilarity and escapist fun associated with Will Ferrell characters. I knew DC would love the concept. So, I tracked down the founder of the pop-up, Zach Neil, and pitched the idea of bringing his awesome “Stay Classy” party to DC.

OT: How would you describe the pop-up’s decor?
TL: Joyous absurdity. I love all the set pieces and artwork, but Ron Burgundy’s jazz flute is definitely one of my favorites. Also, the Anchorman newsroom set is fantastic.

OT: Any special events coming up? 
TL: We are currently throwing a mustache ball every Saturday night. Everyone is encouraged to come with their best mustache, and we provide fake mustaches to those that don’t have their own. Prizes are awarded for the best mustache (whether it be real or fake). We will also be hosting an Old School-style keg party.

OT: What’s your favorite drink on the menu? Food item?
TL: Great Odin’s Raven (rum, lemon, ginger, Odin, raven’s beak) and the Beard of Zeus (white tequila, smoked pineapple juice) are refreshing summer drinks, and also a great bridge between Will Ferrell references and Mythology. And you haven’t lived until you’ve sipped on a Whale’s Vagina. When I opened a restaurant, I never thought I’d be serving a dish called Dirty Diaper with Indian Food, but I am and it’s amazing. It’s curried hummus, and we’ve been told on more than one occasion by guests that it’s among the best hummus they’ve had.

OT: How long do you plan to keep the pop-up open?
TL: We are playing it by ear, but we hope to at least run it through the summer. [Locals] will let us know how long they want to keep the “Stay Classy” party in town at Mythology.

OT: Is this a one-time pop-up or do you have something else up your sleeve?
TL: Our guests (and staff) are having too much fun for this to be a
one-off. We have some amazing long-term plans for the next one that I know DC will love.

Mythology: 816 H St. NE, DC; 202-847-0098;