I don’t know about you, but I have a wish list when it comes to restaurants. Topping that list, of course, is good food, but well-crafted drinks, an exciting experience, and impeccable service are close behind. With restaurants I frequent, most of the time I’m ensured good food and maybe even a quality cocktail, but a lot of times it stops there. Mythology is not one of those places. It’s a home run on all fronts. With one step into this restaurant’s creative space, you’ll realize your meal will be one of those special dinners that only come around a few times a year. That is, unless you make Mythology your weekly spot, which is a decision I can definitely get behind (and one your wallet will unexpectedly approve of)…


I could probably write an entire novel about all the things that make Mythology great, but what sold me from the start is their gluten-free friendly menu. Basically the entire menu save for only two or three items is naturally gluten-free. This even holds true for the restaurant’s extensive frites offerings, of which there is not even a trace of cross contamination in the fryer. When I say extensive, I’m not exaggerating – they have twelve different types of fries on the menu with interesting variations, including Pastrami Frites, Bloody Mary Frites, and, the rendition I chose, Bulgogi Frites. This amazing bowl of goodness consisted of freshly cooked French fries, grilled beef, house made kimchi, and red chili aioli, creating an amalgam of flavors that came together for a most perfect unity.

To accompany the Bulgogi Frites for my appetizer course, I also ordered the Sushi Salad. With raw salmon, hamachi, a few types of seaweed, even more types of caviar, pickled mushrooms, and rice, this was probably one of the most delicate yet complex dishes I’ve ever eaten. Not to mention the dish itself was expertly plated and beautiful to look at.

I think now is as good of time as any to discuss the cocktail situation at Mythology. Literally everything on the menu is worth drinking. I would know because my friend and I ordered four of them with no shame. With creative names and innovative ingredients, it is very apparent the bar program at Mythology likes to think outside of the box. My favorite was the Xoxotl, a tequila-based cocktail made with smoked pineapple juice. The smoke factor of the pineapple juice made the drink almost taste like it was made with mezcal. Coming in a close second was the Mercury’s Vespa, made with vodka, gin, prosecco, grapefruit, and honey.

For the main course, I opted for the But I’m A Vegetarian, Beef Ribs Here, and I’ll Have the Steak. Yes, I am fully aware my second two choices negate the first, but the vegetarian dish seemed too good to pass up. Made with curried chickpeas, stewed eggplant, kale, and a number of other delicious veggies, my intuition served me right.

Eating the Beef Ribs Here was like putting my taste buds on a rollercoaster. Not a rickety rollercoaster like at a state fair. I’m talking Universal Studios stuff. From the blistered shishito peppers to the nutty cashews and tangy oranges, these ribs packed a punch full of flavor. The I’ll Have The Steak was incredible, and was even served with some delicious, buttery bone marrow. I alternated between bites of these two and swore I could never be happier.

A lot of times the monotony of eating out can get to me, but dining at Mythology was a breath of fresh air. I consider it an absolute must for anyone, but especially if you’re gluten-free. While Mythology is considered somewhat of a New Kid on the Block in the Atlas District, they’re worth a visit if you know what’s good for you.