"GEEK MYTHOLOGY" to Premier at Mythology Lounge - MARCH 14th, 2018

"GEEK MYTHOLOGY" to Premier at Mythology Lounge - MARCH 14th, 2018


Nerdy Burlesque on Friday nights at Mythology Lounge

Geek-Mythology brings neo-burlesque back to H Street NE

Mythology Lounge teams up with Washington, DC burlesque powerhouse Cherie Sweetbottom (Evil League of Ecdysiasts, House of Sweetbottom) to create nerd-centric Friday night themed parties featuring burlesque entertainment.

If Mythology Lounge sounds familiar, it should—the location hosted Dark Side Bar DC, a Star Wars themed pop-up that also had locations in Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY. 

The new concept, Geek Mythology, kicks off on Friday, March 16th with a Buffy the Vampire Slayer theme, with live music from DC musician Maryjo Mattea (Two Dragons and a Cheetah, Day Trippers, Color Palette) and her special Buffy-themed band, Dingoes Ate My Baby.  The evening will also feature burlesque entertainment from Ms. Sweetbottom and performers Baron Atomy and Annie Bawdy Wansom, with DJ G-Mills spinning tunes between live performances.

On Friday, March 23rd, Geek Mythology will take a more romantic trip to the world of Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge, featuring Ms. Sweetbottom and Baltimore’s Sicilian Queen, Maria Bella of Gilded Lily Burlesque.

On Friday, March 30th, patrons will enter the world of fantasy writer Neil Gaiman, known for the Sandman comics and American Gods, among other works.  The evening will feature burlesque performances from Maria Bella and Doe Bardot.

Tickets will be $15 advance and $20 at the door, but patrons who show up in on-theme costume or cosplay will receive a $5 discount on door sales. 

In addition to live entertainment, Geek Mythology will feature themed cocktails, a limited food menu, and a DJ spinning all night between performances.

Mythology Lounge is unfortunately not wheelchair-accessible.



Let Your Inner Darth Vader Out at The DarkSide Bar - DECEMBER 14th, 2017

Let Your Inner Darth Vader Out at The DarkSide Bar - DECEMBER 14th, 2017

Let Your Inner Darth Vader Out at The DarkSide Bar

Attention all Star Wars fanatics. I have decided to join the Dark Side, and so should you.

I know what you’re thinking: “I can’t join the Dark Side! Darth Vader is the worst and they’ve killed innocent people!” 

But what if I told you there is a really awesome Dark Side bar where burlesque dancers spin around with glowing rings and you are served red globes of smoky drinks, all while Star Wars is playing in the background? I bet you’re tempted now.

Whether you’re a full-blown fan who will do anything and everything Star Wars-related or you just want to go somewhere different where drinks are lit on fire, the DarkSide Bar is a must-try.

Located at Mythology on H Street, as well as locations in New York and L.A., the DarkSide Bar is a temporary pop-up bar inspired, obviously, by the Star Warsmovies, and in particular, the dark side of the Force. While not purposely designed to appear around the same time as the new Star Wars movie, now is the perfect time to get prepared for the film or just have a unique bar experience before the pop-up shuts down on January 15.

My transformation to the Dark Side began with a walk up a flight of stairs where I was checked in by a stormtrooper. I was then led into a mostly black room with bars on either end, tables with mini Death Stars hanging above and a small dance floor, all while surrounded by Princess Leias and Chewbaccas.

I made my way over to the bar on the right where my bartender for the night was a Sith. While I usually find it fun to watch bartenders make classic drinks in any bar, it was truly a show watching the bartenders at DarkSide making fiery, lit up drinks.

The first drink I sampled was the Blue Force, made with Hendricks Gin, Blue Curaçao and topped with dry ice for a smoky effect. There was also a Red Force version made with cherry vodka, peach schnapps, grenadine and pineapple juice (pro tip: wait for the dry ice to melt before drinking). The second drink I sampled was The Imperial, made with spiced rum, maple syrup, lemon juice and cayenne pepper, and finished off by being lit on fire (major pro tip: blow out fire before you drink and let it cool off).

While I was sipping away at my drink, listening to Sia and Justin Bieber while watching Star Wars: Episode IV on screens around the bar, I was interrupted by the announcement that Darth Vader would be joining the crowd shortly. Soon after, the dark lord himself was led out to mingle with the crowd, escorted by his stormtroopers.

My Dark Side experience was then wrapped up with a performance by a silver-clad burlesque dancer who spun around with a lit-up hula hoop in a nook of the bar. If I wasn’t convinced the Dark Side has more fun when I started, I was by night’s end.

Still don’t believe me? Check out the DarkSide Bar for yourself. The pop-up bar is open until January 15 (tentative date) with six drinks on the menu, food and different events on different nights, such as alien speed dating and trivia. Reservations are $33 per person and include two drinks. $40 at the door.

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Drink Your Way Through The Holidays	 - DECEMBER 2nd, 2017

Drink Your Way Through The Holidays - DECEMBER 2nd, 2017

Drink Your Way Through The Holidays

Finding unique entertainment during the winter months can be challenging, especially when the weather drives you to stay indoors. But DC is getting creative this season, with experiences like a rooftop ice rink and a pop-up bar decked out in Christmas lights and Hanukkah decorations. Here are six creative ways to spend the season with a drink in hand.

The DarkSide Bar

Mythology Restaurant on H Street is embracing the darkness of winter with an homage to Star Wars. The restaurant’s second floor has transformed into the DarkSide Bar, an interstellar hangout full of drinks, small plates, décor and entertainment that channels the evil power of the Star Wars universe.

“We have a whole custom cocktail menu centered around the dark side of the Force,” says owner Todd Luongo. “I thought it would get accepted really warmly in DC.”

The DarkSide Bar was developed in partnership with Zach Neil and joins locations in New York City and Los Angeles. Admission is $33 in advance and $40 at the door per person, and includes two signature cocktails. The bar is open Wednesday through Sunday nights, and will continue through mid-January.

Costumes are encouraged, and Luongo says people have already showed up in Chewbacca and Jabba the Hutt outfits. Programming will vary nightly and is expected to include trivia nights, alien speed dating, burlesque and more.

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A Stormtrooper checks your ID at this new Star Wars-themed pop-up bar - NOVEMBER 17th, 2017

A Stormtrooper checks your ID at this new Star Wars-themed pop-up bar - NOVEMBER 17th, 2017

A Stormtrooper checks your ID at this new Star Wars-themed pop-up bar

I've never had a Stormtrooper check my ID before I could enter a bar — and, unless you've hung out in Mos Eisley, you probably haven't either. But that was the case on opening night at Dark Side Bar, a new Star Wars-inspired pop-up in the District that also opened locations in Lower Manhattan and inside Hollywood's historic Chinese Theatre this week.

The bar on H Street NE has a long, dark and moody room, lighted by red neon, strings of red lights and orb-shaped lamps that look like a fully operational battle station. One wall displays an array of blasters, mounted between glowing red-lined panels. “It's supposed to be that you're in a bar inside the Death Star, or a bar where a Stormtrooper would go after work and complain about how mean the Emperor was to him that day,” says Dark Side Bar creator Zach Neil.

Although the space isn't as lavishly decorated as the “Game of Thrones” pop-up bar in Shaw, its opening night drew customers in Jedi robes and an Imperial dress uniform. The staff wore a variety of outfits: At one point, Darth Vader came moonwalking through the room, then posed for selfies with people by the bar. Neil has booked several large groups of 50 to 75 cosplayers who have plans to party in costume.

Expect the Dark Side Bar to live up to Neil's description of “a total space-nerd hangout.” Entertainment will include trivia nights and “alien speed dating,” where participants will be required to wear a costume or face paint while trying to forge a connection over icebreaker questions like, “Who shot first: Han or Greedo?” (If that question makes no sense, this probably isn't the right bar for you.)

On Fridays and Saturdays from 9 p.m. to midnight, there's a burlesque show with “sexy aliens”  —think dancers with green skin, wearing costumes or masks. “That would totally be in a Sith bar,” Neil says. “If the Jedis are off drinking milk and hanging out with ewoks, the Sith are going to be drinking whiskey and watching alien strippers.”

Getting in might not be easy or cheap. The Dark Side Bar uses the Tock reservation system so customers can reserve entry for a two-hour block of time. A ticket costs $33 and includes two drinks, but not tax or a mandatory 18 percent service charge, which takes the total to $40.84. If you walk up without reservations, it's $40 plus tax and gratuity — if there's room.

The perk to using Tock? No waiting in line for hours to get in, as is the case at other pop-up bars.

Once you're in, the house cocktails are not the cocktails you are looking for. The Red Force and Blue Force are college-party sugar bombs — the latter is Hendricks Gin, blue curacao and a sugar rim — with glow-in-your-glass ice cubes. The Imperial sounds promising, with spiced rum, maple syrup, lemon and a dash of cayenne pepper, but it was as balanced as the Force at the end of “Revenge of the Sith.” You're better off ordering a regular cocktail or a can of DC Brau.

This isn't a Lucasfilm-endorsed concept — hence the lack of T-shirts for sale, or cocktails called the Skywalker or the Battle of Yavin. Instead, Neil says, it's an homage to the cultlike fandom that surrounds the Star Wars saga, especially with “The Last Jedi” set to open on Dec. 15. “We do this stuff because we love to do it,” he says.

I'm sure there are quite a few Washingtonians ready to dress up and join them.

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These 'Star Wars' Pop-Up Bars Will Take You to the Dark Side - NOVEMBER 13th, 2017

These 'Star Wars' Pop-Up Bars Will Take You to the Dark Side - NOVEMBER 13th, 2017

These 'Star Wars' Pop-Up Bars Will Take You to the Dark Side

Grab a Galaxy cocktail with Kylo Ren at one of the Dark Side Bar's three locations.

Calling all U.S. Star Wars fans—break out your lightsabers and get ready to party. While Star Wars: The Last Jedi won't be premiering stateside until mid-December, franchise devotees will still be able to get their fix via the Dark Side Bar; an immersive, intergalactic Star Wars pop-up straight out of Hollywood. The bar will open in three cities across the U.S.—Los AngelesNew York, and Washington D.C.—on November 15, exactly a month before the movie hits theaters. With thematic menus and sinister decor Darth Vader would approve of, switching to the Dark Side is starting to look pretty appealing.

The bar's creator, Zach Neil, is a pop-up veteran. In addition to the Dark Side bars, Neil also pioneered the 2016 Anchorman pop-up, Stay Classy, and a Tim Burton-inspired bar and restaurant called Beetle House. His latest stint with the Dark Side was imagined with the help of Hollywood set designers. “When you walk in, it’s going to feel like you’ve walked into the set of a Star Wars movie,” Neil told Lonely Planet. "I’m a macabre kind of person, I love things on the darker side. I’ve always rooted for the bad guys, Darth Vader and the dark side of the force.”

Guests entering the pop-up will be greeted by a blacked-out, eerie atmosphere, accented with red LED lighting. The cocktail menu is true to theme: Drinks include the Galaxy, Red Force, Mindtrick, and of course, the Dark Side. (Some of the recipes feature LED ice cubes and dry ice, combined with silver and black sugar rims, glowing colors, and flavor profiles like goji berry.) And once you order, there's still plenty of Star Wars activities to geek out over. Single bar-goers can join in on "alien speed dating," as Neil calls it; the bars will also run intergalactic burlesque shows, complete with dancers dressed in alien prosthetics. Hey, it's not the Mos Eisley Cantina, but the Dark side is probably the closest you'll get to Tatooine's famous bar.

To enter the Dark Side, you'll have to shell out $33 in advance, or buy $40 tickets at the door. Costumes are heavily encouraged (ladies, this is the perfect time to try out Leia buns), but not mandatory. “If people don’t dress up we’re going to let them in but we’re going to frown at them the whole time,” said Neil.

The Dark Side bars will all be open through January 14, 2018, so there's plenty of time to plan a visit. But if you're looking for a more adventurous Star Wars experience, book a trip next summer to Skellig Michael—the Irish island where Rey and Luke's iconic meeting was filmed.

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This Star Wars Pop-Up Will Feature Force-Sensitive Cocktails and Bantha Fodder Sushi - NOVEMBER 7, 2017

This Star Wars Pop-Up Will Feature Force-Sensitive Cocktails and Bantha Fodder Sushi - NOVEMBER 7, 2017

This Star Wars Pop-Up Will Feature Force-Sensitive Cocktails and Bantha Fodder Sushi

Every last Jedi will want to grab a reservation.

November 07, 2017

Sci-fi fans are invited to dance on the Dark Side at this three-city Star Wars themed pop-up bar.

The December 15 release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi is just around the corner, and with all of the vague teasers and wild theories bubbling up, it’s easy to see why fans of the franchise are getting antsy for its big screen premiere. What’s in the cards for our favorite intergalactic heroes and villains? Will we see Luke or Rey dabble in the Dark Side? Will Finn prove to be force-sensitive? Could villain Kylo Ren suddenly harness the force for good? Who is Poe going to give a jacket to next?

Starting tomorrow, you and your Star Wars-loving friends can celebrate the latest installment in the iconic cinematic universe and obsess about all your theories over a selection of Star Wars-inspired cocktails and plates at The Dark Side Bar. Attendees are encouraged (but not required) to dress in their best Darth Maul, Vader or Captain Phasma cosplays—a sure way to heighten the experience as you sip on custom cocktails and snack on a rotating menu.

While there, pop-up guests can enjoy six different specially crafted drinks based on various parts of the galaxy, iconic planets, and memorable moments from the entire series of films. That includes cocktails like the Red Force, Blue Force, The Imperial, The Dark Side, The Galaxy, and The Mindtrick, many of which smoke, sizzle or flame.

Guests will also have the chance to try the restaurant and bar’s creative galaxy-inspired snack and shared-plate menu. Changing from day to day, diners can expect to see food menu items such as Bantha Fodder (vegan sushi egg rolls) and tentacles on sticks (soy BBQ glazed octopus skewers).

It’s not just the food that will be out of this world either. The Dark Side Bar will host nightly parties and events that are sure to have you screaming like a porg. Themed dance and DJ nights, alien speeding dating, and an intergalactic burlesque show (featuring performers from many different planets) will be available to those that make it to the pop-up experience.

The bar is coming to New York City, Washington DC, and Hollywood, California only and will be open through the new year. Reservations are $33 per person and include two custom cocktails. You’ll be able to walk-up to get a seat, but reserving your spot is your best chance of getting to play with the power and fury of the Dark Side.

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It’s Washington, D.C.’s turn to Stay Classy - a Will Ferrell-themed bar is coming to town

Much like legendary (fake) San Diego anchorman Ron Burgundy, this is kind of a big deal. Stay Classy, the Will Ferrell-themed pop up bar, is making its way to Washington, D.C. this May.

Zach Neil, who is also responsible for the Tim Burton-themed bar Beetle House NYC, launched Stay Classy in New York City in September of 2015. “After a year of packed fun nights and a whole lot of Whale’s Vagina [one of the bar’s themed cocktails named after an Anchorman quote], I wanted to share the experience with other cities and take the show on the road,” Neil, tells Lonely Planet. The next stop was Hollywood in 2016, while later this month, downtown Boston will host a ten day run, and on 5 May, the bar will descend on D.C.

The Capital wasn’t initially on the agenda, but owner of local restaurant Mythology Todd Luongo saw a news story about Stay Classy on a recent visit to Boston and reached out to Neil. “Who doesn’t like Will Ferrell movies?” says Luongo. “And besides, the theme is just so positive, absurd, ridiculous, and outright fun. D.C. is so divided and contentious and full of stress and negativity right now, there’s no better place to bring this pop-up next.”

The pop-up will feature movie memorabilia and a roster of cocktails named for some of Ferrell’s most notable roles, from Talladega Nights and Step Brothers, (two of Neil’s favorite Ferrell flicks), to Anchorman, and Zoolander, among others. There’s the Shake and Bake, You’re My Boy Blue, and the Smelly Pirate Hooker — a tangy spicy jalapeño margarita. Guests can also channel Ferrell with burgers like the Ma’s Meatloaf burger and the Ricky’s Walker & Texas Ranger BBQ burger.

Stay Classy opens on 5 May and will run for at least one month. Can it bring some much-needed cheer to D.C.? According to Anchorman, 60% of the time it works every time.

AWOL - APRIL 10th, 2017

AWOL - APRIL 10th, 2017

That Will Ferrell-Themed Pop-Up Bar Is About To Land In DC

In homage to the greatest comedic actor of our generation (fight me), Washington DC is getting its very own pop-up bar dedicated to our favourite anchorman Ron Burgundy.

After popping up in major US cities like New York City, Boston and Los Angeles, the owners of the Will Ferrell-themed bar Stay Classy is setting its sights on Washington DC. Inspired by films like Talladega Nights: The Ballard of Ricky BobbyStep BrothersAnchorman and Zoolander, Stay Classy will be filled with matching memorabilia, drinks, food and frivolity.

Owner of DC restaurant Mythology Todd Luongo was the one who reached out to Stay Classy to bring some much needed Ferrell to the DC nightlife. He told Lonely Planet: “Who doesn’t like Will Ferrell movies? And besides, the theme is just so positive, absurd, ridiculous, and outright fun. DC is so divided and contentious and full of stress and negativity right now, there’s no better place to bring this pop-up next.”

As well as costume nights, trivia and countless Ferrell paintings, the drinks menu of Stay Classy is riddled with classic Ferrell quotes. There’s the Glass Case Of Emotion, a cocktail with rosemary and peach, whiskey and lemon juice and  you and a friend could even enjoy the Did We Just Become Best Friends? of two shots. Or you can just settle in with a scotchy scotch scotch. No word on how much cowbell there’ll be.

THE POINTS GUY - MAY 18th, 2017

A Will Ferrell-Themed Bar Will Be Popping Up in DC This May

It’s not the Catalina Wine Mixer, but it’s about as close as you’ll get: Stay Classy, the Will Ferrell-themed pop-up bar that came to life on New York City’s Lower East Side in 2015, will be making its way to Washington, DC in May.

The brainchild of Zach Neil and Brian Link — the folks behind New York’s Tim Burton-loving Beetle House —  the idea to create an entire drinkery around one of Hollywood’s favorite funnymen got off to a somewhat shaky start. Neil told DCist that all they heard were “crickets” during its first few weeks in New York, but once word began to spread, lines began to form, with wannabe patrons sometimes waiting up to four hours to get inside the space. After a 14-month run in the Big Apple, the guys decided to turn the bar into a bit of a roadshow, with the opening in our nation’s capital scheduled for Friday, May 5 (a.k.a. Cinco de Mayo).

Inside, both the bar and its offerings will pay tribute to Ferrell’s entire career, going all the way back to his Saturday Night Live days. Guests will be able to wash down Ma’s Meatloaf sandwich (a reference to Chazz Reinhold, Ferrell’s Wedding Crashers character) with a number of Ferrell-ified cocktails. With names like Milk Was a Bad Choice, You’re My Boy Blue, Glass Case of Emotion and Smelly Pirate Hooker, we can only assume they’ll taste better than they sound.

Stay Classy will be located on H Street NE, and plans to stick around for at least a month. While we can’t promise any jazz flute, we do know that the bar has hired a mustachioed Ron Burgundy impersonator to sit behind an anchor desk and make announcements — like drink specials — to the crowd. It’s kind of a big deal.

H/T: DCist

DCIST -  MAY 16, 2017

DCIST - MAY 16, 2017

By DCist contributor Leigh Giangreco

When Todd Luongo got his inspiration to host a Will Ferrell pop-up bar, which opened at his H street restaurant Mythology (816 H St. NE) earlier this month, he heard about it the way any self respecting Ferrell fan would: a news report from a local anchorman.

During a trip to Boston, Luongo caught a report on the “Stay Classy” bar opening in town. He saw fertile ground for a Ferrell stint in D.C., which had exploded with pop-ups and welcomed an official "Anchorman" exhibit at the Newseum ahead of the film’s sequel in 2013.

Luongo also felt that the pure absurdity of a bar filled with "Stepbrothers" and "Talladega Nights" references was just the antidote D.C. needed following a contentious presidential election. Unlike political loyalties, he believes an affinity for Ferrell can bridge the gap between Democrats and Republicans.

“There isn’t one person I know who doesn’t love at least one Will Ferrell movie. And if there is, don’t want to know that person,” he says. “Not everyone likes every one of his movies, but find me one person who doesn’t like at least one or can’t quote at least five taglines.”

Luongo called up Zach Neil, who started the Stay Classy pop-up in New York and has since covered the country’s watering holes from coast to coast in mustaches and Mugatu paraphernalia.

“Will Ferrell has been the guy that can make you laugh on your worst day,” Neil says. “I feel like we’re bringing a moving party everywhere we go.”

With a bar dedicated to Ferrell’s oeuvre, Neil made sure to cover his legal bases when he set up the original pop-up. But while he examined whether he could name drinks after Ferrell's Anchorman character Ron Burgundy, Ferrell himself got in touch with Neil. The actor visited Stay Classy in New York and the two eventually collaborated on events for press junkets, including a guest spot making themed drinks on The Andy Cohen Show.

The New York bar also hosted events benefiting Ferrell’s charity, Cancer for Colleges, which raises money for students who battled cancer in their adolescence and would otherwise struggle to pay for school. The pop-up bar in D.C. sells t-shirts emblazoned with phrases like “Smelly Pirate Hooker” and proceeds go toward the charity.

One of Stay Classy’s signature cocktails ($10-$16) also references Burgundy’s “Smelly Pirate Hooker” insult from Anchorman. The margarita is as fun to drink as it is to order, with a sweet and spicy citrus taste that sneaks up on you with a latent jalapeno heat. For those seeking a bit of whiskey to pair with their collection of leather bound books, there’s the Shake and Bake, a super-charged whiskey sour that sparkles with ginger beer and muddled cherry. Most of Stay Classy’s drinks feature irreverent names, but patrons shouldn’t be shy about ordering them.

“At some point, I’ve watched someone’s grandmother order a Whale’s Vagina or a Big Foot’s Dick,” Neil says. “It’s all in good fun.”

Other cocktails like “Great Odin’s Raven” and “Beard of Zeus” play on Burgundy’s obsession with mythology, but also dovetail with the restaurant’s namesake, which is a nod to the Atlas strip of H Street.

D.C. is the first Ferrell pop-up featuring a full food menu along with themed drinks—and the main dishes don’t stray from the irreverent or deep-cut references. Fans of Mythology will recognize most of them from the restaurant's standard menu.

“A nice seafood dinner” ($19) includes cajun fried shrimp, crayfish, and cheddar grits, but don't blame Stay Classy if your date doesn't call you back afterwards. If you need more vegetarian options there’s always More Cowbell ($19), a curried chickpea ragout with stewed eggplant and spinach.

Luongo also serves his restaurant’s signature frites ($13) in a large human head-shaped vase, with the frites emerging from its skull like Athena springing from Zeus’ head. The fries are more than your average potato though. Frites like the Wess Mantooth are covered in crab, bisque, and Old Bay, while the Fantana takes on an Eastern flavor with grilled beef and kimchi.

Listen carefully to the bar’s playlist, which includes “Don’t Fear the Reaper” from the infamous Saturday Night Live cowbell skit. Every time the song comes on, the bar gives a house shot to every person in the bar.

While it was originally billed as a one-month run, Stay Classy will stay open through July. They plan to host several weekend theme parties featuring various Ferrell movies, including a Catalina wine mixer. And when the bar opens its rooftop, Mythology will turn into an “Old School” bash complete with red Solo cups. The party might even include jello wrestling, insurance provided, Neil notes. Either way, patrons will be able to partake in a drink called “We’re going streaking.”

“Our goal would be we have such a good time, we would go streaking after,” Zach says. “Something tells me the president won’t mind.”

As a nod to both Anchorman and Ferrell’s earlier mustachioed Saturday Night Live impersonation, Robert Goulet, Stay Classy will throw a mustache bash every Saturday. Gentlemen and ladies are encouraged to come with follicles, real or not, and the bar will give away cash prizes for the best mustache. If patrons don’t arrive with their own mustache, the bar has packs of adhesive handlebars ready to go.

Mythology's Stay Classy pop-up is open for dinner Tuesday through Thursday from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. The bar is open from 5 p.m. until 1 a.m. Tuesday through Thursday, from 5 p.m. until 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday, and from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. on Sundays. Reservations are available through the restaurant's website. They'll be open through July.